Hi, my name is Ryan, 25 years old and now I am a young real estate agent. In my line of work you can meet all kinds of people, but a beautiful smile will always get them in tune with you. This is my secret technique of being a successful real estate agent. My smile. But I did not know about this secret technique when I was younger. I will tell you a story about how I got to know all about smile and the perks of being confident in every condition.

When I was in high school, I did not stand out so much. I was waking up in the morning, going to school, attending classes and coming back home to do my chores. You could say that I was the typical high-school boy with occasional freckles on my forehead. Oh, I forgot. I was the captain of the volleyball team because of my excellent jump. But even if we were having work-out three times a week, we were not winning any matches. Anyway, no one was coming to our games, so I was not disappointing no one except myself.

One day I woke up and realized that one of my front tooth started to come forward. I panicked and ran to my mother, who immediately called the dentist for an emergency appointment. In just one hour after I woke up I was standing in the dentist’s chair with my mouth open and with one hulk of a man examining my every tooth. After a lot of hums from the doctor the doctor said: “Ryan, I am afraid I have to tell you the bad news. Your wisdom teeth are showing and are pushing your front teeth forward. I will have to send you to an orthodontist. You will have to wear braces.”

I was terrified! I was thinking I will never leave my room again, and everyone should just talk with me through my bedroom door. I was telling my mother that I did not want to wear braces, but she said: “It’s either that or an operation where they are going to remove your wisdom teeth.” Frankly speaking, I was more terrified of having an operation than wearing braces. So by the end of the week, young Ryan was displaying a nice shiny white, red and blue permanent braces. I thought if maybe I will keep my mouth shut nobody will notice. But I was wrong. After a week, tops, I all my colleagues were whispering around my back about my braces. Not long short after that, I was the talk of the school. I started to be depressed, to be alone during the recess and lunch break and even skip the volleyball workouts.

But after a few weeks something magic happened. As I was staying alone at one of the end tables in the school yard, Claire Walles, the school beauty sat beside me and started watching me intensively. I thought she just wanted to make fun of me and that she lost a bet or something, so I ignored her. After a few minutes of intense eyeballing, I heard an angel’s voice asking: “Whatcha doing?” I looked at her, made a big smile and lowered my eyes. Then I hear again: “Whatcha doing” I looked at her again and asked: “what do you want?” She said to me that she thought that I was cool and that she wanted to be friends with me. I immediately thought she was making fun of me. But we started talking and realized that she was not lying. She told me that everybody thought that my braces looked like the flag of America and that I was a real patriot. She even let me in on a little secret (she had worn braces when she was little, everybody was awful to her, and she did not what that to happen to me). In just a few days, my life turned around 180 degrees. I was finally sitting at the cool kids table with the most gorgeous girl in school. Of course, I started to go to my volleyball practices and with a lot more confidence. The thing is, because of Claire, who begun to come to my volleyball matches, everyone started to come. And in a short time our small team began to win game after game. We did not reach the interstate championship, but we were close. Anyway we were all happy. After a while, my love life flourished, Claire even became my girlfriend. Me and the most beautiful girl in the world. And all that because I got braces. Incredible right?

Now I realize that you don’t need to be afraid of changes, and the strangest people can surprise you. You just have to welcome them with an open mind and a big smile even if you have braces or not.