Everybody wants to have straight teeth. Unfortunately, many people are not born with a perfect smile. From all these people only a few try to make their smile better with the help of orthodontic treatment. If you are one of those individuals who want to have a neat-looking smile that inspires confidence and is aesthetically pleasing, you have to know that you have two options: Invisalign or braces. In this article, you will learn about both of them, and it will help you decide which one is the best for you.

What are they?

Dental braces consist of bonded brackets and wire. The brackets are bonded to your teeth, and the wire aligns the teeth slowly. The orthodontist or dentist will adjust the braces (each month or so), gradually pulling and pushing the teeth into their proper place.

Invisalign is a clear, comfortable orthodontic tray that is specially made to fit your teeth. These trays gently move your teeth into their correct position.


The only persons that should offer you this dental treatment are the orthodontists and dentists.  The brackets are bonded to your teeth by a dental pro, while Invisalign requires X-rays, pictures, and a lot of impressions of your teeth to create the trays. You are the person that puts the trays into their place on your teeth.

The moment the brackets are in place, it will be impossible for you to adjust or remove them (and it is not advisable to try). Only your orthodontist or dentist should do this. The Invisalign tray, on the other hand, is easily removable, and it is even recommended to do this when you eat.

Braces require once a month appointments to adjust them, while for Invisalign you have to schedule appointments twice a month to get new trays that are more accurate.


This is the biggest difference between the two. Braces are extremely observable, while Invisalign is almost invisible. The tray is transparent and goes unnoticed, so no one will know you wear an orthodontic device.


If you wear braces, you have to avoid certain foods, such as popcorn, sticky candies, gum and many others. With Invisalign on the other hand, you just have to take the trays out before eating, and you can consume anything you like. In both cases, you have to brush your teeth after each meal, especially before you put your trays back on.


Each person’s treatment time depends on the severity of their case. Usually, individuals who wear braces will have to wear them all the time for two years, while those with Invisalign can remove them from time to time for eating and cleaning, but for a shorter period (6-18 months).

Important: Both treatments will require wearing a retainer to keep the teeth in place from shifting afterwards.


Both methods are equally efficient and can resolve any misaligned, gapped, and overcrowded teeth, and bite problems. Some severe cases may be too extreme for Invisalign and braces will be required.

If you want to straighten up your teeth, consult your dentist or orthodontist firstly and ask them which method is better for you and your teeth.