Are you perfectly happy with your smile? Or are you secretly dreaming about having one of those brilliant straight Hollywood grins, so you can smile whenever you want, without being conscious about your looks? If you are not absolutely confident about your smile, you should know that more than 50% of all Americans share your destiny.  However, thanks to modern dentistry and professional orthodontic specialists like the team of Orthodontic Excellence, you can now achieve the smile of your dreams.

Orthodontic treatment from Orthodontic Excellence can effectively treat all type of bites.

Orthodontic treatment from Orthodontic Excellence can effectively treat all type of bites.

What is orthodontics?

The word orthodontics comes from the Greek orthos, meaning “straight, perfect or proper”, and dontos, which means “teeth”.

Orthodontics specializes in treating patients with improper positioning of teeth when the mouth is closed (malocclusion), which results in an improper bite. In addition, orthodontics includes treating and controlling various aspects of facial growth and the shape and development of the jaw.

Do I need Orthodontic treatment?

Only your professional orthodontist can determine whether and how you can benefit from orthodontics, after a thorough examination.

Should you have any of the following, you might be a candidate for orthodontic treatment:

  • Underbite— where the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back
  • Open bite— space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together
  • Crossbite— when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting together normally
  • Overbite— where the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth
    Different types of orthodontic braces

    Different types of orthodontic braces

  • Crowding— when there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate

What are my treatment options?

Modern orthodontic dentistry offers different types of appliances, both fixed and removable. The best option for your will be the one that fits best your needs, based on the recommendation of your orthodontist.

The most commonly used orthodontic methods are:

  • Braces — the most common fixed appliances, braces, move the teeth as a result of force and pressure on them. There are traditionally four basic elements that are used: brackets, bonding material, arch wire, and ligature elastic (also called an “O-ring”). The teeth move when the arch wire puts pressure on the brackets and teeth. Sometimes springs or rubber bands are used to put more force in a specific direction.

Braces haveconstant pressure which, over time, move teeth into the desired positions.

Traditional braces vs. Invisalign aligners

Traditional braces vs. Invisalign aligners

Today’s braces offer many style options. Next to the traditional metal appliances, you can chose from clear styles or lingual braces, which are more preferred options by adults.

  • Invisalign Aligners —serial aligners are being used by an increasing number of orthodontists and are usually a first choice of adults. Invisalign aligners move teeth in the same way as fixed appliances, only without metal wires and brackets. Aligners are virtually invisible and can be easily removed for dining and cleaning. Although they are a better option from an aesthetical point of view, they might not be appropriate in some, more severe cases.

How do I benefit from orthodontic treatment?

The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a perfectly straight smile that is healthier, better looking and giving you more self-confidence and better quality of life.

Should you be living or working in Puyallup, WA, you can rely on the professional advice and the top quality orthodontic treatment from the team of Orthodontic Excellence that will offer you an individual treatment plan to achieve the perfect smile.

Famous Faces with Braces

A great number of the most famous faces on the planet have gone or are currently going through orthodontic treatment and are not ashamed of it – because they know it is worth!