You have many options of whitening your teeth, from whitening toothpaste, whitening kits, tooth whitening dental procedures in Bellevue and much more.

The whitening techniques work in two ways

  1. Bleaching processes, which change the natural color of your teeth and can improve the shade of your teeth from five to seven shades. All bleaches contain an active substance (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) in the concentration of 10-20% which will remove the surface stains. There are three types of procedures which use the following elements.
  2. You can go to your dentist in WA to undergo a light-activated whitening session. This type of dental procedure in Bellevue will drastically improve the color of your teeth. After a year or two of regular eating and drinking, the teeth will start to become stained again, and you will need another whitening procedure.
  3. You can get a mouthpiece created in a dental office from WA for in-home bleaching. You can wear the mouthpiece several hours each day (or night) for two weeks. If your teeth start to get stained again, you can wear the mouthpiece again for a couple of nights to improve the color again.
  4. The use of over-the-counter tooth whitening products may include boil and bite tray application, where the whitening gel is applied with a brush.
  5. Non-bleaching procedures, which use chemical or physical action to remove the surface stains. Some types of toothpaste rely on abrasive agents to remove the surface stains. Whitening toothpaste contains polishing agents that remove the stain further. Your dentist from WA can clean the surface stains using abrasion and polishing too (caused by tobacco and food).

Every person responds differently to a whitening dental procedure in Bellevue. So, if you go to a dental office in WA, you should not have high expectations. People with gray teeth or severe discoloration may require veneers to achieve the brightness they desire.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste can slightly improve the brightness of your teeth by removing the surface stain (caused by coffee and smoking). But overall the whitening toothpaste will not change the natural color of your teeth and remove the deeper stains.

The whitening toothpaste does not contain peroxide but has special abrasive to polish your teeth and chemicals that will dissolve and breath down the tooth stains. The chemical blue covarine, which is an active ingredient is some whitening toothpastes, adheres to the surface of your teeth make your teeth appear less yellow. If you are not satisfied with the whitening toothpaste you are currently using, you can ask your dentist what they recommend.

All whitening products you choose should have the ADA Seal of Approval (American Dental Association). This seal indicates that the toothpaste was professionally verified for safety and effectiveness at removing surface stains.

Ask your dentist if you require teeth whitening in Bellevue and what type of procedure they recommend. For more information about tooth whitening ask your dentist and schedule an appointment.