Teeth are one of the most important body parts that we have. They have an esthetic function as well as the role of chewing the food that we eat. Because they are so important people should pay a lot of attention to them, but, unfortunately, there are people that still do not understand this. Roughly more than 50% of people do not visit a dentist during a lifetime.

When you meet a new person, you will subconsciously analyze it in the first 5 seconds, and you will have a general impression of that person. You will first examine the mouth (teeth) and eyes. The eyes you cannot change, they are the same from birth until you die, but teeth can change their appearance over time. There is also the possibility for an individual to be born with problems regarding his or her teeth. One of the most common conditions a person can suffer from is the crowding of the teeth. You don’t need to worry, with the help of braces you can resolve that problem quickly.

The teeth also have the purpose of chewing the food that you eat. If there is an issue with the way your upper teeth are in relation to the lower ones, you will now from your bite. This condition is also resolved with braces. Other teeth problems that can lower the health of your smile is the discoloration, caused by smoking, drinking coffee and some types of foods. Cavities represent an issue, and if remained untreated can result in the permanent loss of the tooth.

It is desirable to keep an eye out for any tooth problems you may have. Some of these issues are harder to resolve, and others are easily solved like wearing braces. Many people don’t have natural straight teeth. Some decide to do something about it, and some don’t. The fact is, on long term, it is better for you to have straight teeth, both because of aesthetics reasons and health issues. A person can encounter the first problem with overcrowded teeth in his early age.

During childhood, when the teeth are changing, there is the possibility some of them will not have enough space and will push the neighboring teeth. Another moment that can start the overcrowding of the teeth is when the wisdom teeth begin to make their appearance. The location of the wisdom teeth is all the way back in the mouth. They are the first and the last teeth up and down. When they start to show, there is the possibility that all your other teeth will be pushed forward creating an overcrowding effect. There is also a chance of unwanted spacing because of a missing tooth.

There are three possibilities of a bad position between the lower and the upper teeth:  the overbite, when the upper teeth extend past the lower teeth; the underbite, when the lower teeth extend past the upper teeth; and the cross bite, where the upper teeth are positioned improperly inside the lower teeth. The last one can result in facial asymmetry if, not corrected.

Orthodontist in Renton

Orthodontist in Renton

So, why do people get braces? From the dental awareness point of view, there are three types of people. The type that does not pay any attention to their teeth, the type that uses the advice of the dentist or orthodontist for their mouth health, and the type that does whatever they think it is right, whether it is safe or not.

It is important to listen to what the doctors advise you to do. If your orthodontist says you need to wear braces, then you need to do it for the sake of your health. If he or she says you need to remove a tooth, you remove that tooth. Take care of your teeth and listen to your dentist or orthodontist, for they are trained professionals and their job is to provide you with a higher quality of life.