Today, the advances in dentistry are remarkable. One of these revolutionary innovations are porcelain veneers. In addition, the porcelain veneers are now made from unique materials that make them almost impossible to detect.

The smile is very important

Smiling makes you feel good, but this simple expression is much more complex. The smile has a social role, for communication and social integration. But many people lose this “weapon” and the ability to smile freely. Some cover their mouths when they smile, some smile with their mouths closed, and some use other habits to hide their smile. Many people resort to such measures because their teeth are stained, discolored, worn down or misaligned. Whatever the cause, they don’t feel comfortable with their smile.

Porcelain Veneers are an excellent solution

Dental veneers are a very thin covering that is put on the surface of your teeth to make them look better and hide any imperfections. The veneer is a custom made shell that looks incredibly alike to the natural teeth. This is because the material they are made of has a natural color and is naturally contoured and harmonious. Most of the times it is not necessary to remove any tooth structure. It all depends on the size of the tooth and the desired tooth’s size and shape.

Better color

Throughout life, the color of the teeth can change. In time teeth usually gain a yellowish or brownish color. This happens mostly because of nutrition, bad habits or medication. Eating certain foods and drinks (such as red wine, tea, and coffee), smoking and drinking affect the color of your teeth. But with the help of veneers, you can quickly resolve tooth discoloration, masking it completely, and getting a brighter and whiter smile.

Better shape

Abnormal wear of your teeth can make them appear much flatter, shorter and rough around the edges. That is why if you want to have a better smile, you should try veneers. They offer you a whiter, brighter and youthful smile. Your smile will be completely redesigned, and you will not have to worry about the shape of your teeth.

Better size

Some people are insecure about the small size of their teeth. Maybe this is how they were born, or maybe their teeth became shorter due to tooth wear. But with the help of dental veneers their teeth could appear much larger, thus making them feel more comfortable about their smile.

Better spacing and alignment

If you have a small gap between your front teeth, you can try a couple of methods to get them straight and close, such as braces. But you can also opt for dental veneers. Small misalignments and spacing can be corrected with veneers. But if the gap or misalignment is bigger, then the best solution is orthodontic treatment.

So if you have any dental insecurities, and you are self-aware about your smile you can try getting the help of dental Veneers and regain your confidence. Ask your dentist or orthodontist about dental veneers. And just a reminder. Even if veneers are not your natural teeth, you will still have to take care of them as if they were.