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Are you currently undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces and find that you have a habit of biting down on your lower braces, causing breakage of brackets? Here at Orthodontic Excellence in North Puyallup WA, we have a quick fix for that: turbos! Turbos (also known as speed bumps or bite blocks) will not only prevent you from damaging your appliance, but they will also speed up your treatment!

3 Fun Facts About Turbos and Braces

  1. Turbos are commonly used during orthodontic treatment
  2. When turbos open up the bite, the teeth are unlocked from each other and can actually be allowed to start lining up a little faster
  3. Just like any orthodontic appliance it takes some time to get used to turbos, here are a few tips: chew slowly, eat soft/easy to chew foods, and cut other foods into small bite size pieces

When braces are placed in their ideal position on crooked teeth, sometimes the upper teeth may bite down on the bottom. This can lead to damage to the appliance, which leads to extra appointments, and delays in your overall treatment time. If you live or work in the North Puyallup WA area, contact us here at Orthodontic Excellence to avoid this with turbos!

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