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Have you had your braces tightened with us recently? We here at Orthodontic Excellence in Puyallup WA encourage our patients to remember that each adjustment is a step towards straight teeth, but we also understand that sometimes the movement of teeth can be painful for patients. If you are experiencing soreness after an adjustment appointment with Dr. Helena Skountrianos or Dr. Bobby Virk here at Orthodontic Excellence, consider these three tips to help ease the pain.

3 Ways to Relieve Pain from Braces

  1. Drink cold water
  2. Eat soft foods
  3. Apply an ice pack to the area of discomfort

Braces are one of the most effective ways to enhance your smile, and while undergoing orthodontic treatment with this sytem can be painful, it doesn’t have to be unbearable. For additional methods on how to relieve pain from braces, contact us here at Orthodontic Excellence in Puyallup WA today! And remember to brace yourself, your new smile awaits!

Dr. Helena Skountrianos, Dr. Bobby Virk, and the team at Orthodontic Excellence are experts in orthodontia. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign®, braces, and AcceleDent Aura® in the 98371 zip code area: Puyallup, North Puyallup, Summer, Alderton, McMillin, South Hill, Summit, or Waller, WA, or would like to schedule an complementary consultation with Dr. Skountrianos or Dr. Virk, contact Orthodontic Excellence at: 253.845.6784