How Can You Benefit From Lingual Braces?

Today you have many options available to you if you want to get your teeth straightened. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t know about the lingual braces. But what are they and how do they differ from all those others types of braces? In America, you will find that more than 4.5 million people are […]

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Broken Braces?

Today at least 25 percent of the Americans are wearing or have worn braces or a retainer. These are very helpful and help straighten your teeth. But they also come with a lot of responsibility. You need to be aware that wearing braces is a great responsibility, and it is a lot of work if […]

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Am I too old for braces? Well, not quite!

Braces aren’t only for children anymore.

There are numerous purposes that lead grown-ups to consider braces. People need to look and feel their best. Here are a couple of the leading causes for an orthodontist trip:

A straighter smile. Who wouldn’t like to have a flawless smile? Many people want to straighten up their teeth for […]

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TMJ-Migraines, Headaches and Braces

Braces can help your TMJ headaches and migraines

The condition of misalignment of the jaw is called TMJ. Most people who experience some type of trauma to the mouth suffer from this condition. Also people who clench their jaw or grind their teeth, have damaged, or missing teeth and are known to be suffering from TMJ.

TMJ […]

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Things you need to know before getting new braces

Over the years, dental braces have changed quite a lot. People have many misconceptions about different types of braces. In this article, you will find out all the essential things you need to know before committing to an orthodontic treatment.

The age limit makes no difference

Usually when people think of orthodontic braces, they are thinking of […]

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How to clean your teeth when you wear braces

In America, around four million people wear braces. Although many more people should wear them, only 25 percent are adults. Today, a visit to the dentist or orthodontist is much more accessible than it was 20-30 years ago. Furthermore, the state of the art techniques implemented can resolve every issue you can suffer from, if […]

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