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Are you currently getting ready for your first summer vacation with Invisalign? We here at Orthodontic Excellence came up with a check list for our North Puyallup WA patients who will be leaving us this summer to ensure that they keep up with your oral care routine.

5 Things to Pack When Traveling with Invisalign

On vacation, these five things will help you keep your Invisalign clear aligners invisible, and your smile bright!

  1. An interdental cleaner: toothpick or flosspick
  2. A travel toothbrush
  3. A water bottle (or a mini bottle of mouth rinse)
  4. An Invisalign cleaning kit, and
  5. A small mirror for examining any possible issues in your mouth

Now that your Invisalign travel bag is packed, you can have a worry-free vacation! And if you have any questions or concerns (big or small) please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Orthodontic Excellence near North Puyallup WA.

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