Invisalign south hill wa

Do you have crooked and/or misaligned teeth? Invisalign in South Hill WA may be your only hope for a beautiful smile.

Dr. Helena Skountrianos, Dr. Bobby Virk, and the team here at Orthodontic Excellence are experts in Invisalign! And advancements in dental and orthodontic technology have created a variety of choices for patients pursing orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Success Stories


“Even after completing a great number of dental filings and crowns, I did not like the way my smile looked and that my teeth were crooked. I had an overbite, crowding and a gummy smile.

After consulting with Dr. Helena, I realized that in order for my smile to look right, the best solution for me was orthodontics.

I went through a two years treatment with clear braces and orthognathic surgery to straighten my teeth, correct the gummy smile and align my jaws.

I was very excited to finally achieve the perfect smile I have dreamed of. I did cry out of joy when I looked at my before and after photos.

When I grew up no one had ever mentioned to me how orthodontics could help me. Currently, both of my children are going under orthodontic treatment in order to address their orthodontic issues early on.”


Choosing to pursue Invisalign in South Hill WA is a substantial financial commitment, as well as a long term commitment, and Dr. Skountrianos, Dr. Virk, and the team here at Orthodontic Excellence are here to help make your decision easier!

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Dr. Helena Skountrianos, Dr. Bobby Virk, and the team at Orthodontic Excellence are experts in Invisalign. If you have any questions pertaining to retention, orthographic surgery, Invisalign, AcceleDent, In-Ovation R, or braces in the 98371 zip code area: Puyallup, North Puyallup, Summer, Alderton, McMillin, South Hill, Summit, or Waller, WA, or would like to schedule an complementary consultation with Dr. Skountrianos or Dr. Virk, contact Orthodontic Excellence at: 253.845.6784