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100% self confidence


Severe overbite, along with a gummy smile

Don’t’ smile too big

Bree, 35:

I had a severe overbite that kept getting worse and worse.  In addition, I had a really gummy smile, so when I would smile, I wasn’t feeling confident. I would see pictures of myself and shake my head. I couldn’t just laugh and smile freely without knowing that it looked terrible.

I brought my middle daughter for consultation with Dr. Helena and she asked me if she can make a free consultation for me, without any obligations. She let me know my problem was not only cosmetic, but I was wearing off my bottom teeth and I had a problem with my jaw. When she showed me some before & after pictures of patients with the same issue and I saw the drastic change in their appearance, I decided to go for it.

It was taught, but it was worth every minute of it, because now I have all the confidence that I never had before and I can smile and laugh and I don’t have to think about it, because I know that it looks great and amazing.

I can do whatever I want with 100% confidence and I don’t have to worry about my smile at all!

I would definitely recommend Dr. Helena and her team, because they are really sweet and nice…and they actually care.


Healthy straight smile and 100% confidence

No obstacles in my way



Results may vary from person to person

Bree had a very severe overbite. She went through 2,5 years treatment, including treatment with braces, as well as dental surgery for widening her jaw.


Results may vary from person to person

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