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A feeling of restoration, physically and mentally


Results may vary from person to person

Narrow bite and crooked teeth

Embarrassed of my smile

Gary, 58:

Prior to visiting Orthodontic Excellence a few years ago, I had a narrow bite and crooked teeth, which made me feel embarrassed of my smile. I was afraid of smiling and showing my teeth and felt some lack of confidence because of how my smile looked.

When I visited Orthodontic Excellence office for the first time, my initial impression was of a very friendly, professional and honest staff. And that was proven to be so, during my 2 years orthodontic treatment with them. I had a great experience being Orthodontic Excellence’s patient. The doctors and the staff are very friendly and inviting. In addition they made a very good presentation of what my treatment would be like. They were always open to questions and ready to accommodate my appointments so that they fit my schedule.

I’m very happy with my results. And now, smiling is a pleasure! I feel much more confident in social situations. I also feel better about long term dental health.

Orthodontic Excellence gave me a feeling of restoration, physically and mentally!

I would definitely recommend them to other patients. It was so very worth the efforts and investment….to gain back that smile we so often take for granted!


Results may vary from person to person

Healthy straight smile and better confidence

Now smiling is a pleasure


Gary had a narrow bite and crooked teeth. He went through 2 years treatment with braces.

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