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Doing better at my job


Crooked bottom teeth and little self-confidence

Challenge with making my patients smile

Jon :

My bottom teeth were a little crooked and too crowded and I felt self-conscious about it. In addition, my dentists shared that she was worried about actually breaking off some of my bottom teeth because of how my bite was and she said the only orthodontist that she can recommend in the area is Dr. Helena from Orthodontic Excellence.

Being Dr. Helena’s patient has been a great experience. She did a great job of explaining what the treatment is going to be like, gave me a lot of really good information and made the decision to start the treatment really easy.

My wife and I actually felt strongly enough about it that both of our kids came here as well and they have had a phenomenal experience too. It has been fun going through something like this with my kids!

Now I’m smiling all the time. I enjoy laughing and smiling anyway. But I no longer have that cover up smile, trying not to show teeth and I get compliments on a regular basis for my smile.

Most of all, I have this better connection with people. They see me as much more approachable. I do home help at hospice and for me getting to see people that are mostly elderly and getting to brighten their day is a really big deal. When you’ve got a big smile and you are approachable and you come across very warm to them, makes all the difference in the world and putting them at ease. I think I’m able to do a better job because of that and connect with my patients quicker and easier.


Great confidence and a smile to be proud of

Better connection with people



Results may vary from person to person

Jon had overcrowded and crooked bottom teeth. He went through 1,5 years of treatment with braces.


Results may vary from person to person

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