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I feel renewed – like I’ve started over!


Major teeth crowding

My smile really bothered me

Nick, 26:

I had a major crowding so I did teeth extractions at a dental office. Then I got braces on and now I have a retainer.

After I got my braces off, I feel like a new person. I’ve always been really outgoing and my smile really bothered me. Now that my smile doesn’t bother me anymore, I feel renewed – like I’ve started over.

From a professional point of view, I do sales so I’m enchanting people every day. Just having the confidence to walk in each situation and smile helps me a lot and I get much better feedback on my work performance.

Regarding Orthodontic Excellence, I can say they are just outstanding! All the doctors were great and super nice. I had a lot of early appointments which nobody is really excited to go for, but Orthodontic Excellence doctors always made it. All the office staff – assistants and people at the front desk were super nice and friendly and conversational…and everybody was excited about my progress!


Great confidence both professionally and privately

Feel like a new person



Results may vary from person to person

Nick had a major teeth crowding. He went through orthodontic treatment, including teeth extractions, braces and a retainer.


Results may vary from person to person

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