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I just want to smile more!


Narrow bite and crooked teeth

Smiling was not so much fun

Cassidy, 13 :

“Cassidy and me came first to Orthodontic Excellence, few years ago, when we moved to the area,” shares her mom.  “We have heard how excellent the treatment and care were, so we just decided to go there first.”

“We moved here from another state and had existing treatment already in place. We needed a new Orthodontist to help get us on track for our treatment going   forward.  Originally, Cassidy had very little space for teeth to grow into and they were all coming in crooked. That made cleaning of teeth very difficult and also smiling not so much fun!”

“When we first came to Orthodontic Excellence, I was impressed by the staff and the office. It was friendly, organized, and very receptive to us. I felt like I knew exactly what our treatment plans were going to consist of, how much it would cost and how long it would take. The doctors will speak to you directly every single time and keep you updated on the progress. They act as if you are their most important patient, even though there are clearly many!  I feel like Orthodontic Excellence are the best ortho practice around!

I also liked how there were things to do in the office for siblings, like look at cool f​ish and play video games on the large TV in the lobby.  Plus there was always tea and coffee for parents!

Cassidy treatment with Orthodontic Excellence took about 3 years.

“Now, I feel great about my smile and my teeth feel so much better. Before my teeth just felt weird and now they are all lined up, easy to clean and look even! I just want to smile more!” shares Cassidy.​

“I tell all my friends and acquaintances how happy I am with everything about Orthodontic Excellence.  I recommend anyone needing treatment to go in for a consultation and find for themselves.”


Healthy straight smile and teeth, easier to clean

Now smiling is a pleasure



Results may vary from person to person

Cassidy had a narrow bite and crooked teeth. She went through 3 years treatment with braces.


Results may vary from person to person

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