Why Orthodontic Excellence?

8 Reasons to Choose Us

We not only transform smiles,
we transform lives.

Thousands of patients put their trust in us, and we have changed their lives.
 We have seen countless patients enjoy more self-confidence, higher
self-esteem and a better quality of life because of our treatments and services.
They chose us because:


Because we actually care.

Our focus is to provide the highest quality treatment and exceptional patient care, while building life-long relationships and creating memorable experiences. We are proud to be called Orthodontic Excellence.


We have a talented and experienced orthodontic team.

Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the field. We can treat every orthodontic problem, no matter how complicated it is. In addition to receiving their advanced orthodontic training, our doctors have further expanded their education to acquire deep knowledge of treating highly complex orthodontic issues. Our clinical staff is certified for Expanded Function Training in orthodontics. Our whole team devotes more than 200 hours per year to continuing education.


We offer completely personalized treatment plans.

We meet with every patient for at least an hour during their initial consultation. After a thorough evaluation, we create a customized treatment plan unique to each patient. Our goal is for all our patients to be happy with their final results and have a smile that is right for them.


We employ the latest technologies available in orthodontics.

We are one of the few practices in our state to offer 3-D technologies for the most accurate diagnosis and increased efficiency. We use digital scanners that eliminate the need for alginate impressions (no gooey stuff!) and the highest quality appliances for faster treatments with fewer appointments, less discomfort, better hygiene and the best aesthetics.


We deliver lifetime results.

Along with improving the look of your smile, every effort is made to achieve a healthy bite.

Rather than examining only the dentition, we evaluate all the factors related to the teeth, to offer a holistic approach and better overall health. We work closely with general dentists and other dental and medical specialists in our area to ensure a comprehensive treatment approach and long lasting results.


One-on-one time with the doctors.

Our doctors provide individual attention to make sure our patients understand every aspect of treatment, beginning with the initial consultation, throughout care – with ongoing progress evaluations, to the last visit. Having two full-time doctors at each of our locations makes us one of the few practices where the doctors devote significant one-on-one time with patients and meet with them at every visit.


We’re with you all the way.

Our highly dedicated team will provide you with all the support you need, before, during and after treatment. We have two full-time doctors at each of our locations. We are open 5 days a week, collectively, from 7:00 am-6:30 pm. This offers greater appointment flexibility, and allows our doctors to devote more time to each patient. Our emergency line is staffed off hours to take care of any possible emergencies.


We offer payment flexibility.

We want our patients to focus on getting the treatment they need at the right time, not to worry about finances. We offer several payment options, a minimal initial investment, and flexible, customized payment plans.

We do far more than give you a healthy, beautiful smile – we take you on
an exciting, guided journey to life transformation and
help unleash your real, unsuspected potential.

Learn more about our 5 Step Formula for life and smile transformation