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    Advanced Orthodontics Clinic in Washington

    Here at Orthodontic Excellence, we live up to our name by extending advanced orthodontics for adults and children. We understand the importance of teeth straightening in boosting a person's confidence. In line with this, our goal is to bring back a healthy and perfect smile for everyone consulting within our facilities.

    Experts to Put Your Mind at Ease

    Our team is composed of licensed and experienced orthodontists who will work in straightening your pearly whites according to your orthodontic case. We are confident in handling any case our clients present. Our professionals’ years of experience are remarkable after being active in the field for more than three decades. Their expertise guarantees dental braces will be set perfectly for clients of all ages.

    Modern Technology in Setting Children and Adult Braces

    Decades of experience guarantee that our clinic is updated with the modern facilities that contribute to accurate case diagnosis and brace placements. We understand that clients have different orthodontic needs and specific solutions will work effectively for them. After our experts diagnose your case, they will suggest solutions like Invisalign or custom-tailored braces for you.

    In addition to facilities, our experts are also trained in applying modern techniques in placing invisible braces or other special braces for kids or adults. You can be confident about the process of straightening your teeth with our orthodontics services.

    As a reputable orthodontic clinic in Washington, we have numerous clinics within the state. Visit our clinics located in Redmond, Factoria, Bellevue WA, Newcastle, Renton WA and Puyallup. Our experts are more than happy to entertain your inquiries and get the process of correcting your teeth started today.