Braces can help your TMJ headaches and migraines

The condition of misalignment of the jaw is called TMJ. Most people who experience some type of trauma to the mouth suffer from this condition. Also people who clench their jaw or grind their teeth, have damaged, or missing teeth and are known to be suffering from TMJ.

TMJ has painful symptoms resulting in migraines, shoulder pain, back pain. These symptoms can be treated through orthodontics. By changing the alignment of the teeth to a correct the bite with the help of metal or plastic braces the orthodontist can reduce or even annihilate the TMJ symptoms.

Will people call me “metal-mouth”?

TMJ treatment can be done efficiently resorting to orthodontics. The device will change the bite slightly or drastically depending on the case, and it will reduce the pressure accumulated in the joints in the face. Furthermore, the dentists will recommend you to eat softer food and apply ice when you notice swelling in the joint. You will also have to strengthen the joint in your jaw and mouth with a series of simple exercise. You can also resort to a series of pain medication that can provide you with some relief. With the help of braces you will have a restored physiological health with relaxed jaw muscles. During the treatment the braces, muscle retraining orthotics or dental restoration will keep your jaw in the new correct position. Some people resort to surgery or to full mouth reconstruction if required, but it is important to talk with your orthodontist about which treatment works best for you.

Today there are a series of different types of braces, you can rest assured that you will not receive a full metal railroad track. These type of braces are long gone. Today’s braces are barely visible and have little to no negative impact on your life.

You can resort to Invisalign. It’s a system of transparent, removable plastic aligners that will gently encourage your teeth to move over time in the correct place. These braces have no wires or brackets, and the Invisalign’s clear aligners are designed to be removable. You can have the freedom to take off the braces for special occasions or when you want to eat your favorite foods.


Will braces work?

TMJ is a disorder that is slightly different from person to person. The first thing you should do is schedule an evaluation. Most evaluations are free, so you can do as many as want and feel comfortable with. The dentist and/or orthodontist will determine the correct optimal jaw position and what the causes of your misalignment are. This is called neuromuscular dentistry and through it you will find out what is the best TMJ treatment for you.