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Have you or someone you know chipped their tooth recently? Whether it happened suddenly while munching on a snack, or while playing sports, that’s an easy fix for your favorite orthodontist here at Orthodontic Excellence near South Hill WA.

3 Ways an Orthodontist Can Prevent Damage to Teeth

  1. RECALDENT™. Orthodontic appliances such as RECALDENT™, can be used to prevent teeth from being chipped as its been proven to repair tooth and enamel decay. This product can be made and mixed into a number of forms (e.g., toothpaste, milk, and/or sugar-free gum)
  2. Mouth guards. Mouth guards are scientifically designed to redistribute the force of an impact to your teeth and gums. While not all sports require mouth guards, we at Orthodontic Excellence stress that you should always wear one to keep your teeth safe
  3. Orthodontic Treatment. A tooth is also more likely to chip if it is not in the correct spot

A few things patients can do themselves to prevent a chipped tooth, or some other more serious tooth damage, include: drinking and eating foods high in calcium, always brushing your teeth, and not grinding your teeth. To find out more, feel free to contact Orthodontic Excellence today!

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